Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bear With Me

I hate to make excuses, but my beloved computer died on me last week and as you can imagine, I lost a ton of important stuff - including the Wordpad file that had links to all of the current horror contests I had stockpiled to post on here. Obviously, this would explain the lack of posting on here lately, so I ask you to please bear with me as I collect more contests and whip this site back into shape. We'll be back to business as usual real soon!


Matthew said...

No problem Johnny. It happens. That you find the time to keep the site up to date is a feat in itself. I know how hard it is, and the feeling of not wanting to let your visitors down.

However, I've won so much thanks to you, it's almost become commonplace. Every time the mail comes in, it's like "Oh yeah, I won that in a contest... and this". It's never in my life been like that. I've just been extremely lucky these past few years, and your site has been a big help. There's no contest I'd want to win more than a horror contest.

So anyway, keep up the great work... whether you have to post it from the library computer, or your cell phone :D

Wings said...

Sorry to hear that, dude. Good luck!

zombies and toys said...

There's two contests running over at Zombies & Toys! :)

Anonymous said...

i still have my contest up for 'love in the time of damnation'


Johnny said...

Matthew - So glad to hear that this site is working for people =)

Zombies and Toys - Those contests are in my queue and will be posted soon!

Scoob - Just posted your contest a few days back!