Monday, February 22, 2010

Win Killer Cups on DVD!


PRIZE : Killer Cups and Killer Cups 2 on DVD.

WHERE : Hayes Hudson's House of Horror

DEADLINE : March 3rd.

HOW TO ENTER : Click the above link and become a Blogger follower of Hayes Hudson's House of Horror and then leave a comment on that post with your name and e-mail address.

OPEN TO : Residents of the United States.


Matthew said...

While I appreciate contests for hilariously titled films, I have to lament everyone out there who's doing the "Follow me" to enter 'promotion'.

Falsely bumping up your Follower count does nothing but show that a lot of people like to enter contests - not that a lot of people actually like your website.

This isn't directed at YOU Johnny, as your site is the greatest, but it's a general remark at the state of blog contests. Sure, I follow a lot of blogs on Google, because of contests like this... but how many do I actually check on a regular basis? Well let's see... yours and Creepy Kitch.

Next people will want you to click on a pop-up ad before entering their sweepstakes.

Johnny said...

Matthew, I agree with you and while I don't really support the "follow me to enter my contest" thing, i'm not gonna exclude those blogs that do that from this site. But ya, totally see where you're coming from.

Matthew said...

I like sites that ask you to tell a story of something that happened to you, or draw a picture, for example (and not just because I won two contests by doing those things, lol). Contests where the winner is the person that actually deserves it, and not just the guy who retweeted a link 1600 times, and told 8 friends to visit the site it's hosted at.

I know I can't change how people do them, but things are starting to get out of hand...

Matthew said...

Hey Johnny, if someone has a horror contest they've found, would you prefer if they tweet them @ you?

Johnny said...

E-mail it, tweet it, whatever you like! =)

Matthew said...

I didn't know your email, and was worried you didn't check your Twitter mentions ;)

Here it is though!

Johnny said...

Thank you! For future reference, I do check my Twitter and my e-mail is


Well, since these comments were left under the contest I am hosting, I feel the need to defend myself and the others that ask you to become a FOLLOWER in order to enter the contests:

Matthew, you say "Falsely bumping up your Follower count does nothing but show that a lot of people like to enter contests - not that a lot of people actually like your website"

Well, no one said that just because you are a "follower" of the website that that means you like it. You can follow it for whatever reason, even if to just win some cool free stuff!
And the ammount of followers you have does make a difference. All my prizes I give away are provided by DVD distribution and production companies. If they are asked for some DVD's to help promote by two different blog sites, who do you think they are going to give them to...a blog with 3 followers or a blog with over 100 followers? So you see, in order to be able to keep bringing you these prizes and contests, we need to be able to show the DVD companies that our blogs have followers so their products will be reached to a broader audience.

Now, that is the more technical side of it, but the easiest answer is....if you don't like a contest where you have to become a follower, then just don't enter the contest! No big deal!

Thanks for your time, and Matthew, I hope you will give my website a try if you haven't already. And hey, if you don't like biggie, but as a follower you can at least keep an eye out for when new giveaways are posted!! Who doesn't love free stuff!!
Please don't take any hard feeling from all this...just needed to defend us horror bloggers!! thanks!!

And lastly, Johnny, thanks for always posting my contest/giveaways! I appreciate that! This is cool site you have and I love to go through and enter all the contests you post about!! Keep up the good work!