Monday, June 15, 2009

Another Win Free Horror Shit Success Story!

Proving once again that the goal of Win Free Horror Shit! is being fulfilled, yours truly has won another contest that I posted on here. I've just been notified that I won the complete first season of The Hunger on DVD from Scars Magazine (posted here)! This new win on top of the three others that i've won since starting this blog and the several others that readers have won make Win Free Horror Shit! a huge success already!

Keep on entering and keep on winning! And if any of you guys/gals win anything thanks to this blog, send me an e-mail at and let me know about it!


gutterjim said...

I was sent an email stating I won this same contest but have yet to receive the prize. Just wondering if this contest was one where the site gives the addresses of the winners to another company to mail them out or if they themselves actually mail them out?

Bummed I got no prize-

Johnny said...

Didn't get my prize yet either. A lot of these sites just take a long time to send out their prizes is all. Be patient, it'll come soon enough!