Monday, November 30, 2009

Win an Autopsy of the Dead Prize Package!

Board up the windows and doors! More than 40 years after filming the 1968 horror masterpiece, Night of the Living Dead, the "dead" return in an all-new documentary from director Jeff Carney entitled Autopsy of the Dead.

Now you may be asking, "What, another documentary? Is there much more that can be said about this classic film?" If so, the answer to your question is a resounding yes. We've dug deep to exhume new insight from many of the contributors to the original Night of the Living Dead who have never before been interviewed in print or on camera. Despite there being an overwhelming number of remakes, reboots, theatrical adaptations, and literary works about this single film, it is simply astounding and quite possibly negligent that there has yet to be a truly thorough document of the living history behind the legendary movie that has attained the status of a cultural landmark. Autopsy of the Dead takes the first big step in correcting this oversight.

Packed with extensive interviews, never-before-seen color photos and behind-the-scenes footage, visits to the original filming locations and other surprises, get ready for the most in-depth visual document on the making of the great American horror film that just won't stay dead.

PRIZE : One Grand Prize Winner will receive Autospy of the Dead on DVD and a poster signed by eight people involved in the original Night of the Living Dead. Two Runners Up will each receive the DVD and unsigned poster.

WHERE : Icons of Fright

DEADLINE : December 5th.

HOW TO ENTER : Send your name, age, and address to with the subject "AUTOPSY".

OPEN TO : Not specified, so i'm assuming everyone.


Matthew said...

Man, those are awesome prizes... better than the Men Who Stare at Goats soundtrack I won the other day at Fandango... ugh.

Also, is that a new banner for your site? Looks great!

Johnny said...

I've had this banner for a few months now but i'm glad ya like it!

Matthew said...

Cool... it looks different to me for some reason, so I thought you had either a rotating banner or you'd changed it.

Yeah, but either way, it's very cool - I zoomed in to try and spot all the creatures... I can't say that I know who they all are :)

I see Jason X, Hannibal & Jigsaw's Ventriloquist Doll. It's complex, I'm sure I'm missing something.