Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Win Evilution on DVD!

PRIZE : Evilution on DVD.

WHERE : Crimewave Magazine

DEADLINE : November 30th.

HOW TO ENTER : Send your name and address to contest2@crimewavemagazine.com.

OPEN TO : Not specified, so i'm assuming everyone.


Matthew said...

Was the email down for you (if you tried to enter this one)? I got a "message delivery failed".

Matthew said...

Yeah, I tried emailing the webmaster afterward, and his email was down too.

Guess I'll try again tomorrow. If anything, it gives me a better shot of winning :)

Johnny said...

Just entered and it seems to have gone through. You took the period off the end of the e-mail address, right?

Matthew said...

Yeah, I took the period off, but even after yours went through, I tried again and got another failed delivery.

Maybe he's blocking Gmail addresses, or maybe blank subject emails are blocked. I don't know for sure.

Johnny said...

Bah, my e-mail was just returned too. I'll have to look into this. Keep me posted if you get to the bottom of it. Like you said, try again tommorow.