Friday, July 10, 2009

Win a Premium Format Zombie Figure From Sideshow Collectibles!


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Sideshow Collectibles proudly presents the Sideshow Original, Patient Zero Premium Format figure from The Dead collection. Lumbering from his hiding place, Patient Zero reaches for an unseen target. His contorted face gives a haunting picture of The Dead, jaw open in a silent scream, eyes milky and glazed with death. This icon of The Dead's origin stands nearly eighteen inches high atop a mysterious environmental display base, dressed in a real fabric costume, stained by the blood of his victims. The Patient Zero Premium Format figure is an outstanding addition to any display.

Prize : 'Patient Zero' from Sideshow Collectibles 'The Dead' line of Premium Format zombie figures. This figure is one of only 300 and sells on the site for $274.99!! The figure is totally sold out at this time, so this is the only way to snag yourself one of these bad boys directly from Sideshow!

Where : Sideshow Collectibles

Deadline : July 20th.

How To Enter : Click the above link, answer the trivia question, then complete the form.

Open To : Everyone (excluding Venezuela, Nigeria and Indonesia).


Carl (ILHM) said...

Carl want free zombie..

zombies and toys said...

This thing is awesome! There's a review posted of this at

OMGSeriously said...


The Captain said...

He's gonna look so sweet over my desk!