Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Third Success Story In October!

Proving once again that Win Free Horror Shit! works, a third reader this month has just won a contest that I recently posted on here. Congratulations to Zach S., who won the Bruce Campbell autobiography If Chins Could Kill! Zach also just won a contest on my horror blog Freddy In Space, so it has been quite the week for him!

Follow the blog, enter the contests, and you will probably become a winner too real soon! And once you do, be sure to let me know about it!


Matthew said...

Awesome... I really do feel lucky, because this site gives me so many opportunities to enter the contests I actually care to win. My day will come (and soon I hope :D).

Zach S. said...

awesome site! this was the lighthouse in the fog of my life or something equally poetic.