Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Win Wrong Turn 3 on Blu-ray!

PRIZE : Five winners will each receive a copy of Wrong Turn 3 on Blu-ray.

WHERE : The HD Room

DEADLINE : November 20th.

HOW TO ENTER : Click the above link and complete the form. You may enter once per day.

OPEN TO : Residents of the United States and Canada.


Matthew said...

I recently watched this Blu-ray. It had moments where I thought I was watching the best Wrong Turn in the series... however in the last 30 minutes - sigh - they lost it completely.

The CGI is the worst I've seen in a film. There's no excuse... you or I could do a better job at making blood look realistic.

We could also drive a bus, which none of these actors could. It's so gay to have actors pretending to drive in front of a green screen in this century.

Johnny said...

Yaaa, the green screen driving was pretty awful. Speaking of the bus, didn't it completely blow up and then appear later in the film to be perfectly in tact, or am I mistaken?

Matthew said...

I don't remember it being back at the end... they were driving with three-finger on the back of that tow truck (again, on horribly mis-lighted green screen) near the end.

And then at the very end, they went back to that armored car for money, which really ruined the movie for me. There's no way that the prison guard would take that money... he was the only good guy in the film!!


Johnny said...

The fat old cop stumbles upon the bus while looking for the gang and it hardly looks burnt much less exploded.

Matthew said...

I guess I wasn't paying much attention to the bus at that part... I was probably waiting for fat cop to get killed, which he did, if we're talking about the same fat cop :D